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I hope to be reborn as a post scene girl aged 19 or 20 who posts about smoking weed and nothing else doing share4share’s on Instagram with other post scene Instagram individuals posting half naked pictures smoking weed or doing vaguely sexually things with weed itself. True nirvana

today I got a call back that I was accepted to be a pharmacy assistant at my local Hospice location which is an organization I have always and will always support so that’s good at least I’ll be able to start helping out in the community while I wait for real jobs

until i hear back from all of the 5 figure jobs i’ve applied for which will take months i’m starting to volunteer at a local homeless shelter as their social media manager which is what i’ve done professionally for the past 5+ years so why not 

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joe blew up a condom and chase put a fan under it and so it became art

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Why Did a Black Man Get Shot and Killed by Police in Walmart for Carrying an Unloaded Air Rifle in an Open Carry State?
On Wednesday, prosecutors released security footage from the Beavercreek, Ohio, Walmart where 22-year-old John Crawford III was fatally shot by police on August 5. Also on Wednesday, a grand jury decided not to bring charges against Sean Williams, the officer who killed Crawford. This all seems depressingly normal: A black man is dead for little or no reason, everyone agrees it’s a very, very sad thing, and you can’t help but think that he wouldn’t be dead if he were white.

The August 5 incident began when Crawford picked up an air rifle in the store and aimlessly fiddled with it as he spoke on a cell phone to his girlfriend. Unbeknownst to him, police officers Sean Williams David M. Darkow were on the scene after responding to a call from a man named Ronald Ritchie, who told 9-1-1 a black man was waving a gun and pointing it at children. The full surveillance footage does not match up with that account, and Ritchie has now changed his story. The final two minutes of footage show Crawford being seemingly unaware that police were there, as he chats on his phone. And police in turn gave him no time at all to drop the rifle before shooting. Crawford’s last words—heard over the phone by his girlfriend—were “It’s not real!”
Currently, Crawford’s death is being treated as a tragedy by the authorities, but a mostly unavoidable one. According to the grand jury the cops responded appropriately considering what they heard from dispatch—who, Williams’s report says, told them that Crawford was waving around a real gun. Even if Crawford failed to obey their “repeated commands” to drop the weapon, however, the surveillance footage shows that he didn’t have any time to do so before the cops opened up.